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Shark Hooks

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When it comes to shark fishing, it is an obvious fact that your hooks needs to be a lot more durable, stronger and bigger than your average fishing hooks. Shark hooks from Hard Life's Bait & Tackle are top of the line and come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colors!

At Hard Life's Bait & Tackle, we are the leading supplier in shark fishing supplies. In order to catch your shark, you want to make sure your hook is durable enough to hold this big fish. We have hooks such has the back and maroon psycho chicken shad to the psycho chicken shad golden clucker. Each of these hooks have their own physical characteristics that drive sharks wild!

We also supply reliable shark weights that have blown copper weights right out of the water. Our surf weights were created to stand up the high surf and ripping currents, while at the same time allowing for smaller weight to hold down bigger shark bait. This also helps with keeping your bait in place for longer periods of time thus, giving more time to target your catches!

From line spooling to bait, you can rely on our fishing store to provide you with the necessary tackle box for a successful fishing trip! Visit us in Corpus Christi, TX for all your needed heavy terminal tackle and shark leaders today!